Export japanese products.

Service area & Price

We purchase cheap products as much as possible.
Check if we can delivery.

■Price Structure
Total Payment =
( Product price + International Delivery cost + Insurance fee + Handling charge ) * PayPal fee(4%)

Price Structure
Product Price
(Includes TAX)
Purchase price in Japan.
International Delivery cost Follow EMS fee Outbox is calculated as 1kg. If you want to use other delivery way such as Fedex or DHL, we can change. Please contact us.
Insurance * When total amount is less than 20,000yen, the insulance fee is free. Over 20,000yen each 20,000yen takes 50yen.
Handling charge Inland freight fee , Bank payment fee , Packing fee , etc...
PayPal fee 4%
Customs depending on the destination country when customs tariffs will occur.
Tariffs for your luggage at the time of receipt of payment, you need to be please be careful.

Different product has arrived.
Arrived product was damaged.

■Standard Int'l Shipping EMS
Use the delivery company in Japan.
Fast delivery. and Tracking number.

EMS fee - EMS page
List of Service are - EMS page
List of Delivery Days - EMS page
"Days" are calculated from our shipping date to your goods receiving date.
"Days" are standards until arriving.
If you need to delivery to other area, please contact us.
At the Japan Shopping, maximum weight is possible up to 20kg ( The weight of the outside box is contained )

■Economy Int'l Shipping SAL
Use the delivery company in Japan.
It will arrive in about two weeks.
It can be tracked in some countries.(Add to fee)

Please contact us for more information.