Export japanese products.

How to use

Please send Enter the necessary information in order form.
or Please to contact in "LINE".

1) Please choose the product you want.
Countries and that can not be delivered, there is a product that is prohibited delivery. => Sure to read
Please fill in your requested items' information via "Over view" page.
Please fill in "Web Shop Name", "Web Site URL", Product Info. such as color , size , etc , "Price", "Quantity" ,"Weight" and "Volume".
If you do not know want product, I will find you an alternative item.

2) Order
Please check your requests again, If it's Ok "I agree, Order" button. Your order list send to we.

3) Confirmation of product
We will examine the price of the product.
*When we noticed that your order included the prohibited items.
We will cancel your order. Even if we could not notice the prohibited items, we can't take any responsibilities. Please double check before sending your order.

4) Calculate estimation
We will estimate the total payment.
depending on the destination country when customs tariffs will occur.
Tariffs for your luggage at the time of receipt of payment, you need to be please be careful.

5) Payment request via PayPal
After we checked your order, we will send payment request via PayPal's e-mail. Please check the e-mail and settle it.
When you can't receive PayPal's e-mail, it might be excluded as spam mail. Please check it. If you want us to re-send the e-mail , please let us know.

6) Product delivery
After we received all items, and finished packing for international delivery, we will ship it to your country.
IIt takes around 10 days from your payment to our shipping.

7) Product receive
After our "Shipping Notification", you can receive your parcel in several days.
* When the items were broken during the delivery
We apply EMS insurance to all parcels, so you can claim for damage to EMS.
* When the items are defective goods.
Please inform us.
Correspondingly will refund or exchange.